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The best HTML elements


What is a table?

All elements A table is a structured set of data made up of of rows and columns (tabular data). A table allows you to quickly and...

are very commonly used in human society, and have been for a long time, as evidenced by this Census US document from 1800 year

How does a table work?

The point of a table is that it is rigid.

Table styling

You can also have a look at the live example on GitHub! One thing you'll notice is that the table whereas the GitHub version has more significant CSS applied.

Some mathematic

This is formula: (x-y) ⇏(xy)

Some Code

Ruby code inline

To jest jakis kod: ("def #{book}; 'created'; end", TOPLEVEL_BINDING)

Ruby code

To jest jakis kod:

                 Class Monk 
                    eval "def zen; end" 
                    define_method(:zen_block) {}